Lake County Broadband Solutions

Overview: Starting a new ISP can be very difficult in the current economic and technological climate. Not only must one find a location that AT&T or Comcast is not already in; but one must also be wary of other ISP’s that are already established in the area. Moreover, finding a vendor who will treat you with the same respect they’d give to a much larger, more well-established business can be near impossible. Products and prices and strategies can be difficult to understand when you don’t have an expert to walk you through the process.

Challenge: Lake County Broadband Solutions (LCBS) was looking to start their WISP and power up their network so that they could service an area in great need. CEO Andy Nester had contacted several suppliers and distributors with little-tono luck. LCBS had gotten the “run-around” from numerous companies and was frustrated by the lack of transparency, technical expertise, and respect for smaller customers.

Requirements: LCBS was struggling to get the help they needed and to service their area with high-speed internet. They needed a solution that was reliable and would provide them with the bandwidth they needed. Moreover, they needed someone in their corner; an expert who could walk them through this difficult process and that would answer all the difficult questions they had to ask.

Solution:CTIconnect didn’t just provide LCBS with a product solution. Once we had serviced all their equipment needs with expert advice in tow, we also provided them with the customer/vendor relationship they needed as well. The same account executive who made initial contact remained with this customer from start to finish. The care, effort, and expertise with which CTIconnect handled their equipment needs made it clear to LCBS that they were in good hands. Not only did they finally get their needs met and their questions answered, but they felt comfortable that they were doing business with a company that would continue to strive for excellence on behalf of its clients; big or small.

Results: LCBS successfully launched their network, thereby connecting hundreds of previously unconnected citizens in rural California. Not only did CTIconnect enable LCBS to become an integral and necessary part of the fabric of their community, but they even got some press as a result:

About Us:

CTIconnect™ is a premier distributor of fixed wireless, telecommunications, network infrastructure and computer systems for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Cable Operators, Telephone Companies, Utilities, Government, Enterprise, Transportation and Industrial Networks in North America, and is one of the ConVergence Family of Companies, founded in 1995.

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