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Save Big On PTP 820E

37% off list price for PTP 820E radios plus 68% off list price of eligible license keys. Radios and keys for under $4,500!

  • PTP 820E Radios - 37% off list price
  • Eligible PTP 820C License Keys:
    • 2.5 Gbps Capacity keys with ACM - 68% off list price
    • 10 GE Port Enabled - 68% off list price
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If you would like to purchase the PTP 820E product,
contact your sales representative today at ctisales@cticonnect.com
or call (561) 295-7899.


AX-MK-WM, Short Wall-mounted Pole for Single ODU


The AX-MK-WM is a short pole for easy installation of a single Siklu radio on a wall, with full 90° horizontal rotation for many antenna sizes and running of the data cables to the radio, through the wall or from under/above the radio.The AX-MK-WMis mounted onthe wall with 4 bolts, adapted to the wall type(the bolts are not supplied).

If you would like to purchase the Siklu AX-MK-WM product,
contact your sales representative today at ctisales@cticonnect.com or call (561) 295-7899.

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